Showing air-flo dump body and buyers saltdogg undertailgate spreader installed on a municipal snow truck in toledo


We give you the quality and durability you demand from your truck equipment. In addition, your dump body from Abco Truck Equipment will be affordable and give you years of use.

Our Aluminum Dump Bodies are recognized as Best in Class: Stronger than your typical steel dump body with all the benefits of Aluminum: no rust, eco-friendly, increased payload, better ride, and approximately 10% fuel savings.


Whether you are looking for a stainless steel, steel, or aluminum dump bodies, or an aluminum dump insert, our best in class suppliers have the equipment to last over the long haul, and look great at the same time. Our team will assess the best dump options to fit your work truck. After that, we can review multi-purpose bodies and hoist options.


We know you work hard and demand the best for your work truck. Therefore we only carry your next dump body from the industry’s top manufacturers of steel dump bodies, stainless dump bodies, and aluminum dump bodies. For instance, industry leaders such as Air-flo, Wil-Ro, Inc., and Duramag. In addition, Parkhurst, TruckCraft, Industrial Truck Beds, and Buyers Products.

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Industrial Truck Beds

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