Before the snowplows used today, ski-like contraptions were added to horse drawn carts to enable movement through snowy streets. While urban development was expanding, the need for a more efficient way to clear paths for delivery vehicles was needed, paving the way for the first snowplow patent during the 1840s.  Then, in the 1862, according to the National Snow and Ice Data Center, the first snowplow was deployed in Milwaukee, WI. In contrast to current plows, this first plow was attached to a cart pulled by a team of horses. Nevertheless, the invention of the snowplow initiated widespread snow removal efforts in North American cities.


We have come a long way since that first snowplow. For instance, you have the choice of stainless steel or steel, in addition to polyethylene (poly) plows. Further, you can also get v-plows, straight plows, winged plows, and snow pushers. Each of these snowplows will also come in different lengths. Since there are so many options of both plows as well as trucks to put them on, it is important to configure your snowplow specifically to your truck. This is where we come in. You can count on us to help you select the right plow for your truck.


It’s undeniable, Abco Truck Equipment is snow headquarters for both Fisher and Western snowplows in Toledo. Similarly, we are your go to location for plows and ice management equipment throughout the area.

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